Corporate Responsibility

The Ecovidrio Sustainability project includes a plan of measures that incorporates social, environmental and economic sustainability into the DNA of our entire value chain. A benchmark waste management company must make comprehensive and long-term commitments to improve its impact on its environment and stakeholders.


Our 2017-2020 Master Plan establishes strategic scopes of action taking into consideration the stakeholders' expectations. The shared goal of these pillars is contributing to the fulfilment of the 2030 Agenda.


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Pillars of our 2017-2020 Master Plan



Click on the plan's pillars and discover their connection with the Sustainable Development Goals.

Navigate through the plan's pillars and discover their connection with the Sustainable Development Goals.

We have a plan: sustainability, from start to finish

Environment and sustainable development

The nature of our activity results in a direct environmental benefit by increasing the rate of glass packaging waste and, therefore, reducing the extraction of raw material, minimising CO2 emissions associated with the production process, saving energy and developing more sustainable environments.


We are committed to ensuring that all the processes in our value chain are effective, efficient, have the least possible environmental impact and meet high quality standards. This includes the following:


  • Policies, certifications and Environmental Management Systems


  • Ecodesign and circular economy commitments in the design and manufacture of containers


  • Repair, reuse and recycling of containers


  • Environmental footprint of the selective collection services


  • Monitoring and traceability of the treatment stages


  • Transparent reporting to stakeholders

Ethics and good corporate governance


We guarantee a sound administration that transparently meets the demands of our stakeholders under an ethical framework of compliance. To this end, our main lines focus on:


  • Internal and external codes of conduct, ethics committee and ethical channel


  • Thorough, responsible and transparent communication


  • Corporate compliance policies


  • Regulatory Compliance Programme of Competitiveness


Value for society and employees

We are part of the change. We play an active role in transforming cities, liaising with public administrations and mobilising society. Meeting the stakeholders' expectations, anticipating their demands and guaranteeing a high level of collaboration, respect and responsibility with those communities in which we operate are part of our DNA.


Value for society

  • Corporate value: stakeholder mapping, active listening and creation of specific adapted channels.


  • Opinion polls and designing of special plans.


  • Strategic alliances with key sector institutions and agents and public administrations.


  • Responsible communication policies.


  • Social action campaigns and mobilisation beyond recycling.

Value for our team

We cannot ignore our team, and we firmly believe in their personal and professional development and their well-being. They are the driving force that helps us achieve our goals. To this end, we work on:


  • Internal communication policies


  • Social benefits for employees


  • "Ecovidrio takes care of you" wellness plan


  • "+Trained" training plan


  • Professional development and career plans


  • Policies for flexible working hours